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The American Perm - Would you get a perm, or are some trends better left in the past?

The salon industry has been trying to bring back the perm since the turn of the century. Obviously this has not been successful. Instead, we have seen trends lead toward straight silky smooth hair.

We have also seen styled curling iron or wand waves. But have people caught on to the fashion trend of what the industry had called "The American Perm." In my salon, we have had an increase in the number of teen girls inquiring about perms. Just that alone shows that this is happening.

The type of perms we are seeing are not your tight big hair perms of the 1980's, but more of a beachy wa ve obtained by using big bendy rods. Hair Artist, Guy Tang, has been using these in his online videos ...

So, would you get a perm? Or is that just too 3 decades ago?

Here is the article that inspired me to write this post. Enjoy.


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